In the Field: International Planning Edition

2013-09-27 18.17.32

We kicked off our first In the Field Series of 2013 with a panel of internationally focused planners sharing the exciting work they’re doing outside of the classroom. During this In the Field, we heard from some of our planners who spent time abroad in Asia and Europe this past summer. Speakers included Elliot Ward, Jackie Burton & Alejandro Schwedhelm.

Jackie spent the summer in Berlin, Germany, working for an urban gardening organization called Prinzessinnengarten, where she conducted a food systems assessment to help inform the organization’s role in the food system of Berlin. She spoke about her current research on the link between transportation behavior patterns and redefining urban food deserts.

Alejandro spent the summer working at the department of city planning in Potsdam, Germany working on designs for an upcoming development project and learning about the planning structure and processes in Germany. He also spent a few weeks working with the IT startup company “Virtual City Systems” in Berlin, learning how they build interactive 3D GIS maps for European cities.

Elliot spent the summer working in China. He spoke about urban form and sustainability in Chinese urban expansion, touching on ghost towns, gated communities, and dragons, fire breathing dragons.

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