Lend a Helping Hand. Here’s How.

The widespread effects of Hurricane Sandy are known to all of us — many of you have weathered the storm’s aftermath first-hand or have family and friends that were personally affected. We all have something to offer in the New York/New Jersey region’s recovery efforts. If you would like to make a contribution – in money, in time, or in services – below are some resources to find organizations that would welcome your assistance.
Do you work for or know an organization that needs volunteers? Please share volunteer opportunities on the UPSA Facebook page.

Give blood – Hurricane Sandy has caused the cancellation of 100 blood drives in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, a shortfall of over 3,000 blood and platelet donations that would otherwise be available for those needing transfusions.

Volunteer at a relief shelter – The American Red Cross is specifically seeking individuals over 16 years of age that can carry 50 punds to volunteer at local New York City Red Cross Shelters
Donate to the Red Hook Initiative – The Red Hook Initiative is currently acting as the center for hurricane recovery efforts in Red Hook, Brooklyn. They are collecting toilet paper, water, candles, food, flashlights, and batteries.
Donate to Staten Island Recovers – Staten Island Recovers is connecting volunteers and givers in the hard-hit borough.
Make a monetary donation – Donations to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City will assist New Yorkers who suffered damage from Hurricane Sandy.

To find more ways to volunteer, visit NYC Service.


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