Welcome back from the Urban Planning Students Association (UPSA)!

UPSA welcomes all new and continuing students to Wagner. This year promises to be filled with many great events, lectures, and memories.

The Urban Planning Student Association (UPSA) is a student-run organization whose mission is to help students develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of various planning issues. We provide quality lectures and programming which reflect the interests of students while introducing them to new ideas about urbanism. UPSA also strives to improve and raise the profile of Wagner’s Urban Planning Program within the school and among other planning schools. UPSA welcomes all students to participate in the organization, and seeks to collaborate with other student groups to provide the best possible opportunities for all Wagner Students

To find out more, join us for our first general membership meeting on Thursday, October 6th at 5pm. And save the date forour upcoming September events:

  • New Planners Welcome Happy Hour and After Class Drinks: Thursday, September 22nd, 8:30 PM-11 PM, Location TBD
  • First-Year Representative Application for UPSA Board Due: Wednesday, September 21st

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